Salesforce Lightning

Pop-up within a pop-up in Lightning Aura Component.

In salesforce we can have only one popup at a time. So, if you are using a popup, then you have to use a work around to display popup.

Here in this blog, I will show you how to display a popup within a popup. We will create 2 components in this demo.

  1. Child Component (Second popup modal)
  2. Parent Component (Actual Popup modal)

So, when user chicks on a button we will display a pop-up window and when user clicks on success button we will display another child pop-up modal.

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Salesforce Lightning

Introduction to Lightning Aura Component.

Salesforce introduced lightning platform way back in 2014 and to build custom applications on lightning platform salesforce introduced Lightning Aura Components in Sprint 2015. Salesforce lightning is best known for its modern UI interface and beautiful look, which is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) platform that allows developers to create add-on applications that integrate into main application. These third-party applications are hosted on’s infrastructure. In this blog we will see what a Lightning Aura Component contains.

Lightning Component.

The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing single page applications for mobile and desktop devices. Lightning includes the Lightning Component Framework and some exciting tools for developers. Lightning makes it easier to build responsive applications for any device like desktop, mobile, tablet etc. As per Sprint’19 release you can build lightning component using two programing models.

  1. Lighting Aura Component.
  2. Lightning Web Component.
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