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Organization wide default (OWD) in Salesforce

Org-Wide default defines baseline level of access that the most restricted users should have. This is to safeguard your data and use other record level security and sharing tools to share data with other users.

How to access Org-Wide default.

Step 1. Login into your salesforce org.

Step 2. Go to Setup.

Step 3. In Quick Search, Type “Sharing Setting”. Select Sharing Setting.

Sharing Setting

There are basically 5 different sharing levels that you can choose for each object.

  1. Private
  2. Public Read Only
  3. Public Read/Write
  4. Controlled by Parent
  5. Public Read/Write/Transfer
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Salesforce Admin · Salesforce Basic · Security Model

Salesforce Security Model

A company or organization has ample employees (Users) and all employees have different designation and role to play. Data or records play an important role in any organization. If each user in the firm has access to all the data, then important data can be misused. It is necessary to hide some data from different users. Salesforce provides multiple options with which one can secure data in different ways. In this blog post I will share possible scenarios in which one can secure data in an organization perspective.

Below are different ways in which we can secure data

  1. Organization wide default (OWD).
  2. Profiles
  3. Permission Set.
  4. Role Hierarchy
  5. Manual Sharing
  6. Sharing Rules
  7. Apex Sharing
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