LWC: lightning-input-address custom validation

It is common practice to use lightning-input-address tag to fetch address information from user. However, sometimes we much show validation to one field or we must show a custom validation message. To achieve this functionality, we use the code below.

    postal-code-label="Postal Code" 
    address-lookup-placeholder="Search address...">

the above code also has global search lookup feature.

To handle to validation functionality and to display error message on specific field. we user below code. as part of example I will just show you one field. validation and similar can be implemented for rest of the fields.

As part of example I will show validation on country field. Let us say that country is always required even if user does not enter full address, atleast country should be selected.

handle_Check_Validation(event) {
	const address = this.template.querySelector('lightning-input-address');
	//Country Field Validation
	var country =;
	if (!country) {
		address.setCustomValidityForField("Complete this field.", "country");
	} else {
		address.setCustomValidityForField("", "country"); //Reset previously set message

Here there are 2 piece of code that we need to consider.

Sets a custom error message to be displayed for the specified fieldName when the input address value is submitted.
This method takes 2 parameters namely Message and FieldName
Message – The string that describes the error. If message is an empty string, the error message is reset.
FieldName – Name of the field, which must be one of the following: street, city, province, postalCode, country.

Displays the error messages and returns false if the input is invalid. If the input is valid, reportValidity() clears displayed error messages and returns true.


  1. reportValidity() is important, if that is missed then validation message is not alerted to end user.
  2. You can use this code in onsubmit method as well.



Salesforce: lightning-input-address

Lightning · Salesforce Basic

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To clear cache, you have to fire refreshview on component as shown below.

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