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Renderer in Lightning Bundle

Renderer in Client-side is to override default rendering for a component. You can consider what data should render on load or on reload. The framework’s rendering service takes in-memory component state and creates and manages the DOM elements owned by the component. If you want to modify DOM elements created by the framework for a component, you can modify the DOM elements in the component’s renderer. Otherwise, the framework will override your changes when the component is rerendered.

The base component in the framework is aura:component. Every component extends this base component.

This renderer has base implementations for the four phases of the rendering and rerendering cycles:

  • render()
  • rerender()
  • afterRender()
  • unrender()
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Salesforce Lightning

Helper in Lightning Bundle

Helper in lightning bundle is similar to controller where you write client-side javascript methods. These methods are more like reuseable methods which can be called from any controller method.

  • Helper is similar to controller but helper does not handle events.
  • Helper can be used to write reusable Javascript methods and these can be called from Controller section.
  • Helper functions also enable specialization of tasks, such as processing data and queueing server-side actions.
  • Helper methods are local to Component bundle.
  • Helper methods can be called from any controller javascript methods.
  • Declaring a helper method is similar to controller javascript method.
  • A helper function can pass in any arguments required by the function, such as the component it belongs to, a callback, or any other objects.
  • You can call a helper method from another helper method using this. operation.
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